This concludes our overview of programming in Python. The high popularity of Python has ensured that many online resources are available at all skill levels, from beginners to advanced programmers. One sample listing is at Fullstack Python. Many online resources emphasize Web programming, but some compilations more specific to sciences and data analytics include Python for Social Sciences, Python Programming for the Humanities, Python for Scientists and Engineers (this is a free online book), and others. A very good list, if you can get past the 1990’s look of the site and the occasional dead link, is Python for Scientific Computing. Note that you may see references to; this was the original name of the company that now goes by the name of their product, Anaconda.

Other online tutorials include Tutorialspoint and DataCamp.

Happy programming!

UVA Specific Resources

Because you are a part of the UVA community, you have many places to go for help at your disposal. These are here for your benefit so please take advantage of them if you need assistance.

Research Computing - Research Computing is a support team at the University of Virginia whose mission is to empower researchers to achieve more through the use of cutting-edge computational resources. We strive to create innovative solutions for researchers who need help solving complex optimization, parallelization, workflow, and data analysis issues. Our strategy is to build and maintain the University’s best computing platforms while educating the next generation of researchers on the power and utility of advanced computing.

Research Data Services - Based in UVA’s Brown Science & Engineering Library (Clark Hall), Research Data Services supports all phases of the research project through instructional workshops, research project consultations, or deeper collaborations.

Specific programs and packages documentation

  • Python Documentation - The Home of python’s documentation, background info, events, etc.

  • Anaconda - View the Anaconda project’s homepage.

  • Conda - A package manager for Python.

  • Pip - The python package installer. Pip Installs Packages