Common Git Commands

As we make changes to our Shiny app or Dockerfile, we will need to push the updates to our GitHub repository. Typically this is done with a git add + git commit + git push.

  1. git add <file(s)>: git add is similar to packing a box. We are adding the files that we want to send up to our repository.

  2. git commit -m <message>: With git commit we are creating a “packing slip” for our box of updated files. We can add a message that tells us and others why we’re pushing these updates and what they do. Your message can be vague or informative–the choice is up to you.

  3. git push: This command is doing the actual “shipping” of our files.

If we are working with collaborators, another useful command is git pull. This allows us to update our local repository with any updates our friends have pushed.