Optimization Techniques in MATLAB

This workshop introduces applied optimization in the MATLAB environment, focusing on using the Optimization Toolbox™ and the Global Optimization Toolbox™.

Parallel Computing with MATLAB

In this hands-on workshop, you will be introduced to parallel and distributed computing in MATLAB™ for speeding up your application and offloading work.

Bash Scripting

An introduction to scripting the bash shell.

Unix Tutorials for Beginners

This set of tutorials is an introduction to using the Unix operating system from the command line.

Using Rivanna from the Command Line

This tutorial is an introduction to using the Unix command line on Rivanna.

Rivanna is the university’s primary resource for high-performance computing. It provides a platform for computationally-intensive research across disciplines. The Rivanna cluster

High Performance Programming in Python

Tips and tricks for improving the performance of your Python code.