Deep Learning with MATLAB

This hands-on tutorial will show you how to classify images with a pretrained neural network, modify a pretrained network to classify images into new specified classes, and build a neural network from scratch.


In this hands-on workshop, you will be introduced to the Julia programming language and its use on the Rivanna HPC cluster.

MATLAB Programming Techniques

Hone your programming skills in MATLAB™

Optimization Techniques in MATLAB

This workshop introduces applied optimization in the MATLAB environment, focusing on using the Optimization Toolbox™ and the Global Optimization Toolbox™.

Parallel Computing with MATLAB

In this hands-on workshop, you will be introduced to parallel and distributed computing in MATLAB™ for speeding up your application and offloading work.

Statistical Methods with MATLAB

Using statistical methods with MATLAB™

High Performance Programming in Python

Tips and tricks for improving the performance of your Python code.