Data Science with MATLAB

This hands-on workshop provides links to the MathWorks online courses in Data Science. It focuses on Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Data Analytics

Deep Learning with MATLAB

This hands-on tutorial will show you how to classify images with a pretrained neural network, modify a pretrained network to classify images into new specified classes, and build a neural network from scratch.

Machine Learning with Matlab

Machine learning in Matlab, based on Mathworks online tutorials.

MATLAB Data Processing and Visualization

This tutorial is an introduction to basic data analysis and visualization in MATLAB™.

MATLAB Fundamentals

An introduction to programming in MATLAB™

MATLAB Programming Techniques

Hone your programming skills in MATLAB™

Optimization Techniques in MATLAB

This workshop introduces applied optimization in the MATLAB environment, focusing on using the Optimization Toolbox™ and the Global Optimization Toolbox™.

Parallel Computing with MATLAB

In this hands-on workshop, you will be introduced to parallel and distributed computing in MATLAB™ for speeding up your application and offloading work.

Statistical Methods with MATLAB

Using statistical methods with MATLAB™