Statistical Methods with MATLAB


MATLAB is an integrated technical computing environment from the MathWorks that combines array-based numeric computation, advanced graphics and visualization, and a high-level programming language. Separately licensed toolboxes provide additional domain-specific functionality.

Matlab Academy: Statistical Methods with Matlab

Documentation: Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox (help page)

Documentation: Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox (product page)

Course Overview

Video: Statistical Mehtods with Matlab

Exploring Data

Visualizing Data Sets

Documentation:   histogram     boxplot     scatter

### Measures of Centrality and Spread

Documentation:   mean     median     mode     trimmean

Documentation:   std     iqr     range     var


Documentation:   normpdf     unifpdf     randn     rand


Fitting a Curve to Data

Linear Regression

Documentation:   fit

Evaluating Goodness of Fit

Nonlinear Regression


Interpolating Data

Linear Interpolation

Nonlinear Interpolation

Documentation:   interp1


Additional Resources

**MATLAB Central**     ** MathWorks Support **


Visualizing Data sets

Exercise: Visualize Height and Weight Data

Measure of Centrality and Spread

Exercise: Find the Mean and Median

Exercise: Find the Standard Deviation and IQR


Exercise: Fit and Plot a Normal Distribution

Exercise: Generating Random Numbers

Review: Exploring Data

Exercise: Earthquakes

Linear Regression

Exercise: Fit a Line to Data

Exercise: Fit a Polynomial to Data

Evaluating the Goodness of Fit

Exercise: Evaluate and Improve the Fit

### Nonlinear Regression

Exercise: Fit a Nonlinear Model

Review: Fitting a Curve to Data

Exercise: Temperature Fluctuations

Linear Interpolation

Exercise: Fill in Missing Data

Exercise: Resample Data

Nonlinear Interpolation

Exercise: Resample Data with Different Interpolation Methods

Review: Interpolation

Exercise: Stock Prices