• Go to projects/project1-ui and take a look at UI_starting.R and Knight_bus.R.

  • Run app.R.

  • Widgets are the different buttons and fields we see on a webpage.

  • We only see the inputs from UI_starting.R because nothing is connected to the outputs.

Input Widgets

  • You can try out and play with Shiny input widgets on RStudio’s website.

  • The website shows you how the values change when you modify the input widgets. The site will also show you the code you need to include the widget in your own app.


Output Widgets

  • Output widgets are similar to input widgets. However, output widgets require a render function to be visible in the app.

  • Each output widget has its own corresponding render function.

Playing with Widgets

Add some input widgets to UI_starting.R

  • actionLink

  • checkboxInput

  • radioButtons

  • textInput

Make sure the app still works with your changes!

Connecting Inputs to Outputs

Add some reactive logic to Knight_bus.R so that the text output felix (output$felix) displays the selected choice from annie (input$annie)