Computer Setup

What You’ll Need

  1. Development server (just your computer!)

  2. Deployment server (, UVA Microservices)

Development Server

This is where you will write and test the code for your Shiny app. You can interact with your app, but no one else can.

You will spend most of your time on your development server.

Set Up Your Development Server

Option 1: Clone or Download the GitHub Repository

  1. Run git clone in the terminal
  2. -OR- Go to and click green “Code” button, then click “Download ZIP”

Option 2: Create a New R Project (need Git installed for this option)

  1. File > New Project > Version Control > Git
  2. Repository URL:
  3. Create Project

After downloading the code, run packages-for-workshop.R

Deployment Server

Once you’re ready to share your app, it’s time to move it to a deployment server (i.e. deploy your app).

Once deployed on the deployment server, your development server is no longer serving your app. This means any changes you make locally will need to be pushed to the deployment server before they’re visible to the world.

Set Up Your Deployment Server

Create a free account on

Can host 5 apps on for free.

You can also host your apps on UVA servers: